Have you found yourself just surviving and trying to make it through the day but not really living? Do you feel like you try and try but don’t know how to make it better – how to feel better, how to make your relationship(s) work better? Do you long for lasting freedom and strong relationships?Are you tired of sleepless nights where your mind won’t stop churning? Do you long for the day when that sound, those words, that smell won’t make you remember the horror and make you feel as if you’re reliving it?

Today is the day you can begin the journey and process of change and healing. Today is the day you can step on the path to living a life worth living.

I help individuals who have experienced the unimaginable not let it continue to rule their life and relationships. I help couples find or restore passion and commitment. I help families learn how to talk to each other in a way that is honoring and brings closeness. I can help you find hope and healing when you seriously wonder if that is even possible.

It’s okay not to be okay, but you don’t have to stay there.

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